Getting Fruits And Vegetables To Nutritionally Deprived Communities, Food Desert Action Made It Possible

Fruits And VegetablesWe are all informed that poverty is very rampant these days. With this fact, we can see that a lot of people, especially the younger ones are suffering from malnutrition because of the wrong food choice. We cannot blame any of them! They are living with no choice but to get satisfied with any food that they can found at the moment. How are we going to help them? Getting fruits and vegetables to nutritionally deprived communities, this is one of the best idea that most be pout to action.

In order to put a stop in this kind of health dilemma, a non-for-profit organization has been established in 2007. This task force has the main purpose of reaching the rural areas and providing them with the kind of food that they really need. “Food Desert Action” is the name of the group. It has a bus, donated by the Chicago Transit Authority, so that they can reach the far places with ease.

It is undeniable that remote areas lack stores that are selling good and nutritious foods. This is the main goal of the Food Desert Action. It is the group’s mission to reach out to the persons in rural Fruits And Vegetables1areas and provide them not only with the food that they need in order to survive, but knowledge as well as regards the healthy diet that will surely be helpful for the betterment of their condition.

Due to the great mission of the group, they have received a lot of nominations and awards. As a matter of fact, the Food Desert Action has been invited to the Fortune Headquarters I New York to meet individuals and groups that can serve as the investors for the campaign that they have started.

Nutritious food is not a want. It is necessity that everyone must enjoy!