Health Food Alerts When Dieting

Health Food AlertsEven if a person is on a diet or under a rigorous exercise training to lose weight, one still has to eat. It’s a good thing that there are now different kinds of healthy options for exercise aficionados so they wouldn’t have to go for plain carrots and celery to fill their hunger. However, since healthy foods are usually “less exciting” health enthusiasts have invented things like salads, fruit smoothies and energy bars as treats without the guilt. However, these things also have setbacks and according to doctors these foods can also wreck a person’s weight loss goals like any other unhealthy food.

For one, smoothies may not be as healthy as some of its drinkers would think. But according to Beth Jauquet (Cherry Creek Nutrition) smoothies have high sugar content because of the juices that are added to give it a good taste. More sugar means more calories that’s why she suggests replacing them with soya milk or non-fat milk to somehow decrease that calorie content and make it truly healthy.

While we bless those who invented energy bars, a complete meal in a heavenly bar, experts say that it can make a dieter gain more weight when they will eat it with their regular meals. This can happen because some people forget that energy bars are made to replace a meal and not just a simple guilt-free snack that’s why munching a bar while walking back to your kitchen to have dinner can put an hour of your sweating efforts to waste.

People on a diet are not discouraged to have a snack, in fact they are even encouraged to have some, so, why not a banana? Well, this is because bananas can actually give you more than half of your daily carbohydrate requirement, that’s about 30 grams so I suggest you eat an apple instead.

Health Food Alerts1While coffee can be considered safe for people on a diet, adding whipped cream or milk in it can make it quite a sinful morning routine. Why? It’s about 500 calories, you know? That means 15 grams worth of fat.

Last but not the least, salads are great but once topped with heavy dressings and some ham or bacon it becomes a meal that can ruin your exercise efforts. You may have to run for more than an hour more just to erase all those calories.

But then it won’t hurt in case you decide to have some of these not-so-healthy food every once in a while. We all deserve a treat every now and then, even those on a diet. Just remember not to go overboard and end up eating more than you should and you will be just fine.